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Name, Establishment & Location: Home Fit Exports is a professionally managed organization located in Aligarh, which is an industrial town in the vicinity of (just 131 Km) the capital city of India, New Delhi (India). Well-established as back as in the year 1978, our globally famous company boasts of esoteric expertise and long enriching experience in the wide-ranging field of Builder Hardware.

Business Ambit:
Home Fit Exports commands rich & varied expertise and experience, and mellow core-competency in the manufacture, supply, and export of a rather comprehensive and exclusive range of over 1500 builder hardware products. Encompassing the home-furnishing, decorative, and garden hardware products made up of a variety of different suitable metals, our ingeniously engineered and competitively priced, very aesthetic & durable builder hardware products, are in huge ever-increasing demand in most of the developing and developed countries of the world. A 100% export oriented unit recognized by many regulating world organizations. our visionary company wields the exclusive capacity and caliber to satisfy gratifyingly the various functional, fantasy, and sybaritic requirements of our myriads of perceptive and discerning customers & clients.

Company History:
From a humble beginning of producing only a few select builder hardware items in 1978, Homefit Exports soon gradually gathered prominent and goodwill as an reliable builder hardware company of India, by dint of superior products both in metal quality and ingenuity, and solicitous customer service. Encouraged by high appreciation and constantly increasing demands, we continuously invested in our production infrastructure and diversified our range of products. Rather reasonable prices, prompt & safe delivery, reliably superior products, and impressive customer service, all offered momentum to our rapid progress, to make us one of the leading & reputed builder hardware companies of Asia and the world.

Our Vision ,Mission & Values Vision:
Our vision is to offer world-class, elegant builder hardware products of a broad range at rather reasonable pricing, to add alluring aroma to the home furnishing, luxury, and progress & prosperity of all great and small people of all over the world.

Our mission is to fulfill our vision by utilizing exclusive ingenuity, consistent innovation, esoteric & mellow expertise, long experience, and latest technological refinements.

Home Fit Exports is essentially a value driven organization. Everything that we do, in both the running of our business and in our personal & professional conduct, is escorted first and foremost by honesty, goodwill, and legitimate respect for human dignity. Apart from the well-rounded customer satisfaction, we also consider for the internal employee satisfaction, supply & distribution channels satisfaction, and various environmental & social responsibilities. Our values are nurtured and fortified by peerless core competence, excellent but economical products, business & personal integrity, impressive client service, ethical trading, and proper discharging of our social and environmental responsibilities. We always try to minimize any adverse environmental impact, during the manufacture, usage, and disposal of our all materials. We know that the good corporate social responsibility encompasses the environmental, social and economic issues and embraces all aspects of sustainable development, and the very way we affect people through our business operations. To maximize our levels of transparency and accountability, we always insist on the external, as well as the internal audit of our social, environmental and economic performance by independent and expert auditors.

Our Product Range:
Our extensive and enthralling range of builder hardware products comprises of the Door & Window hardware, Curtain Fitting, Cabinet hardware, Window fittings, Furniture hardware, Black Antique hardware, Security hardware, Architectural ironmongery, Decorative hardware & handicrafts, Die cast products etc. These elegant hardware products are manufactured using appropriately suitable metals like Brass, Iron & Steel, Aluminum, Forged Brass, Zinc, etc.

Finishing Varieties:
Home Fit Exports is prominent to provide a wide range of finishes on its impeccable builder hardware products, in order to meet the diverse requirements and specifications of our huge global client base. These durable, sleek, and rust-resisting finishes are categorized into the Powder Coating, satin Chrome, Satin Nickel, Chrome Plating, Electro Brass Plating, Zinc Plating, Electro-Phoretic Coating, Satin Anodized, Polished Anodized, and also the Gold Anodized.

Types of Packagings:
Not only the variety of products and finishings, but also a broad range of packagings and packings are tackled at our company. The different types of safe & secured, convenient, and reliable packagings are, namely, Skin Packaging, Coloured Box Packaging, Clamp pack, Hang pack and Blister Packaging.

Infrastructures pace & Resources:
At Aligarh, our fully-fledged company is spread over an area of about 50,000 sq. ft. and is run by skilled professionals and ancillary personnel. Our production infrastructure is well-equipped with latest sophisticated machineries, and stringent quality control measures, for manufacturing ingenious, long-lasting, and celestial products. Our ornate pool of innovative and mellow engineers and other professionals, has been creating, modifying, and designing our expedient & reliable hardware products to perfection and thus, satisfying magnificently the diverse requirements and specifications of our perceptive clients of various sectors.

Quality Assurance:
From the very procurement of the raw metals & materials to the dispatch of ordered products, our company is very censorious about the quality and elegance of all small & big builder hardware products. In the process of manufacture, our products are checked frequently and repeatedly in various departments, in order to produce flawless and impeccable builder hardware products. Our team of punctilious and innovative researchers create cunning products, which are later excellently manufactured and given corrosion-resisting, sleek finishes very scrupulously to enhance the overall quality, reliability, and durability of products.

Quality Certifications:
Our perceptive, visionary, and social & environment-friendly company has been duly recognized and greatly appreciated by many diverse regulating world organizations, such as ISO 9001:2000 (BSI)(Manufacturing), ISO14001:2004(BSI)(Environment), OHSAS 18001:2007(BSI), SA 8000:2001 (BSI)(Social Accountability), and is also highly rated by the D & B (Dun and Brad street).

Customer Services:
Customer Satisfaction is our ultimate objective. Actually we have been propelled uniformly by continued customer appreciation and satisfaction since the very beginning. Our builder hardware products made of many different high quality metals, and designed & produced using latest refined technology, are offered at very competitive prices, so as to achieve greater customer delight & satisfaction. Moreover, our products are given robust coating & finishing, and are delivered utmost safely & securely through prompt & punctual means of transportation.  Our prompt & punctual, and safe & secured delivery services have been encouraging and facilitating the wholesalers, importers, retailers, of the world over to order smaller quantities also, eliminating the facilities and cost for maintaining the stock. Our unflinching adherence to the best possible material & functional quality, stringent & scrupulous quality control measures, prompt & economical Delivery and After Sales Services, consistent innovation, aesthetic & durable finishes, and ethical trading practices, all together have earned for us widespread global prominence and renown, along with enormous worldwide customer base.

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ALIGARH - 202001, (U.P.) (INDIA)
PH: +(91)-(571)-2970097

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